Discover a new way of riding with this beautifully crafted dressage saddle. 


Many saddles on the market sit the rider too far back in what we call ‘the sink hole’. The XO Andromeda dressage saddles will sit you further forward, in line with your horses center of gravity enabling you to be truly ‘with’ your horse. This position will soften your seat, prevent slamming down on the horses back and help you to avoid falling in-front or behind the movement.


If you have specific design requirements please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.




Size: Available in sizes 14–19” (including half sizes)

Colour: With your choice of cantle and welting colour (Please note the image featured shows Swarovski crystal)

Panel: Standard Panel Compact Panel (for short backed horses)

Tree Style: Standard Fit or High Wither

Cantle: Round Comes with the ‘XO Performance panel’ and shoulder relief as standard as well as Y girthing and point strap.